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Article: How to take care of men's dry skin

Cuidado facial hombre piel seca

How to take care of men's dry skin

Men traditionally had the skin rather mixed or fat, but more and more we have periods or times in what the skin is dry and most of the time dryness in the skin came to stay.

This process is normal, both in men and women. When we are teenagers, the skin generates excess sebum, but as we go greater the skin is driving little by little. It is a natural process of aging.

That is why it is so important to prevent and delay that process as soon as we have the first symptoms. And how do we recognize the symptoms that the skin is drying? You will notice small desdecamations, tightness and although in this article we speak of facial care, in the body you will notice above all peaks.

Our skin is composed of different layers, epidermis, dermis and hypodermis. The first layer in drying is the superior, the epidermis. As soon as we notice the first symptoms of dryness, we must act at once, but run the risk that the skin will dry at the lower layers, and there will be much more visible and wrinkles will be much more visible to repair.

What is the best care of dry skin?

No doubt the best treatment there is, is to keep the skin well hydrated to reverse that dryness and prevent it from drying even more. When the skin dries, it was barked and is when wrinkles appear.

We always put the example of the skin shoes. If we do not put any product to protect it to a skin shoe, that skin is going to be drying, quartering and after a time your skin shoes will have a wrinkled and aged appearance.

The advantage of the shoes is that you can throw them and buy some new ones, but the skin of the face does not. So it is vital to keep it always well hydrated to prevent wrinkles.

Hence, the importance of using a good moisturizing cream for men.

We have developed an anti-wrinkle cream for men with a matifying formula and with an exclusive complex that moisturizes, nourishes and protects the skin into a single product.

It contains gingko biloba that is a great anti-wrinkle, karité that is a great cellular regenerant, Jojoba Bio that is rich in ceramides and therefore a great reaffirming, and avocado bone oil that is one of the most nutritious oils that exist.

Facial care man with dry skin

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