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How to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles

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How to remove puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes

¿Why do I have puffy eyes and dark circles?

There is no doubt that the eye contour is the area of the face where the first aging signs appear on the men's skin. 

The first aging signs are usually Puffy Eyes and Circles under the eyes. There are many causes for this, but it can mainly be due to lack of sleep, a poor diet, fatigue, or stress.

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Difference between puffy eyes and dark circles

Puffy eyes originate when fluid retention and toxins accumulate in the lower eyelid. Therefore, in order to get rid of puffy eyes, it's important to treat swollen eyelids as soon as they appear.


You can prevent their appearance by using a product that helps remove the fluid retention


On the other side, dark eye circles are usually caused by a lack of blood circulation.


You can massage your eyelids with a roll-on that contains ingredients that activate your bloodstream in the eyelid area.


quitar bolsas y ojeras hombre

How to remove puffy eyes and dark circles on men's skin

If your dark circles are starting to appear,  we recommend using a concealer for men, in order not only to treat them but to minimize their impact on your look. 

For dark circles, it's best to use regularly an Eye contour roll-on that contains ingredients that activate blood circulation, such as our unique n8 + complex, to help eliminate those pigments of dark circles.

Our N8 + complex contains the following components:

  • Neroli or neroli, a great decongestant
  • Calendula, a great soothing agent
  • Red grape, ideal to activate your bloodstream 
  • Mint: cold effect and great skin toner
  • Hyaluronic acid: deep moisturizing ingredient and great wrinkle fighter
  • Goji berries: top nourishing and antioxidant to get rid of your skin fatigue
  • Honey: Great astringent ingredient, ideal to reduce swollen eyelids

Applying anything cold is a natural remedy because it decongests the eye area. So using an eye contour roll-on with a cold effect is ideal. 


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Men's Products to get rid of puffy eyes and dark circles



Eye contour roll-on

  • Easy to apply
  • With instant cold effect

It contains a unique complex, called N8+, which is made of 8 active ingredients that decongest the eyelid area. It is ideal to remove puffy eyes in men's skin. It boosts blood circulation and its blend of antioxidants helps remove dark circles under the eyes.

In addition, it also contains hyaluronic acid to get rid of wrinkles and prevent new ones.


The advantages of using a Roll-on Eye Cream are:

-You dose only the needed quantity, so this product will last much longer.

-Its metal ball will help you to massage the eye contour area


How to use:

  • Once you have applied the roll-on on the eye contour, all you have to do is gently massage the area with your fingertips until it absorbs.


Eyes-On-Me Camouflage

This product is not just a dark circle concealer for men, but it can also be used as a whole facial corrector.

It has a touch of color that becomes invisible to the human eye once it has been applied. You can therefore use it to get rid of dark circles or apply it all around your face after your regular facial moisturizer. 


How to use:

In the eye contour area:

  • Apply roll-on and gently tap the area with your fingertips to help it absorb.
  • After a few seconds, you will see that the touch of color has disappeared lightly removing the dark circle under the eye.
  • You decide how much quantity you want to apply. The more quantity you apply, the more you will conceal the dark circles. 

As a facial corrector:

  • Roll over two or three areas of your face, and then spread evenly with a gentle massage until absorbed.
  • You will see that the color disappears and all that remains is a touch of luminosity.


Ideal product for when:

- You have a special event like a wedding, a party and you need to show your best

- You didn't sleep much and you need to get to work looking fresh