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On saleJabón íntimo para hombre
Intimate Wash for Men Sale priceFrom 10,90 € Regular price12,90 €
Save 9,80 €Kit de higiene intima para hombre. Jabon intimo y lubricante natural
Men's Intimate Care Sale price19,00 € Regular price28,80 €
Save 5,00 €Crema corporal para hombre. Natural y certificada ecológica. Nutritiva y reafirmante. Con ácido hialurónico. No grasa.
Body Cream for Men Sale price19,90 € Regular price24,90 €
On saleLubricante natural base agua.
Natural Lubricant Sale priceFrom 12,00 € Regular price15,90 €
Gel de higiene íntima para hombre


Men have a specific pH in their intimate area. It is therefore important to use a men's specific intimate wash that has an adapted pH for the skin of men.

Gentle Natural Intimate Wash. Sulfate-free and skin-protecting.

Discover our articles related to male intimate hygiene


Picores en la zona íntima: causas y tratamientos
consejos higiene intima masculina

Itching in the intimate area of ​​men: Causes and treatments

Facing itching in the intimate area is a delicate but common issue. From sensitive skin irritations to fungal infections, a variety of reasons can cause discomfort. This article explores the possi...

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Los hombres pueden usar un jabón íntimo de mujer?
consejos higiene intima masculina

Can men use an intimate wash for women?

Men should always use an intimate soap formulated for our needs, and that means that we should use a intimate hygiene gel or intimate soap with a pH specifically formulated for the skin of the inti...

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Jabón íntimo para hombres. ¿Por qué es necesario?
consejos higiene intima masculina

Intimate wash for men. Why is it so necessary?

Men's pH value in their intimate area is different to that of women

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Consejos para tener una buena higiene íntima masculina
consejos higiene intima masculina

Tips for good intimate hygiene

Taking care of your skin also includes taking care of the skin of the intimate area. In this article you will find our advice in 5 steps to take care of your intimate hygiene in the most respectful...

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Hongos zona íntima hombres: causas y tratamientos
consejos higiene intima masculina

Fungus in Men's intimate area: Causes and how to treat them

Fungi in the men's intimate area are a source of itching, discomfort and general discomfort. In this article, we explore the underlying causes of fungus in the intimate area, as well as the sympto...

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Productos de higiene íntima para hombres
consejos higiene intima masculina

Men's intimate hygiene products

Products and tips for caring for men's intimate hygiene. Discover why it is important to use an intimate soap formulated for men.

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Cómo cuidar la zona íntima masculina
consejos higiene intima masculina

How to take care of men's intimate area

Tips to take into account for a good care of the skin of men's intimate area

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Lubricante natural base agua
cuidado intimo masculino

Why choose a Water Based Lubricant?

Did you know that a natural, water-based lubricant can make a difference in your intimate moments? If there is something that we should value in our intimate relationships, it is the well-bein...

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Jabón íntimo para hombre
consejos higiene intima masculina

Why a men-specific intimate hygiene gel?

Can men use an intimate women's soap or should they use a specific one for men? The reason why men should use a specific soap for our intimate area, we tell you in this article.

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