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Article: 5 Essential Care for the Male Intimate Area

Jabón íntimo para hombre

5 Essential Care for the Male Intimate Area

Heat and humidity can affect our comfort in the male intimate area , especially in summer or hot seasons, since we sweat more and it is more common for odor-causing bacteria to reproduce in the intimate area .

Furthermore, apart from bad odors, inadequate intimate hygiene can also be the cause of annoying and unwanted itching .

To feel safe, free of bad odors and itching , it is essential to pay attention to hygiene and proper care of this intimate area .

In this article, we present the 5 essential care to keep your male intimate area fresh and protected every day of the year with our Downstairs Fresh , a natural ally to maintain hygiene and comfort in the male intimate area.

The 5 Essential Care for the Male Intimate Area are:

1. Keep Hygiene First

    Proper hygiene is the key to maintaining an intimate, healthy and comfortable area during the summer. Wash the intimate area daily with a gentle sulfate-free intimate hygiene gel to avoid irritation, since men have a different pH in the intimate area than women, as we have explained in other articles.

    Avoid using soaps with sulfates that can alter the natural pH of the intimate area, which can cause redness and irritation.

    Use only an intimate hygiene gel with natural ingredients. It is important that it does not contain petroleum derivatives, ethoxylated emulsifiers, synthetic perfumes, or controversial preservatives (such as parabens, triclosan, phenoxyethanol, etc.).

    It is best that you choose an intimate soap with organic certification like our Downstairs Fresh. The Bio + Vegan seal certifies that the product is formulated only with natural and respectful ingredients for both your skin and the environment.

    Our Downstairs Fresh is formulated with natural and ecological ingredients. Contains Aloe vera, Jojoba, Abyssinia and Sage, the best to take care of your crown jewels the way they deserve!

    These natural ingredients provide you with a refreshing and calming sensation, relieving any discomfort caused by bad odor.

    The 100 ml format of Downstairs Fresh makes it practical and convenient to use. You can take it with you anywhere to keep your intimate area fresh and protected all day long.

    Intimate soap for men

    2. Careful Drying

      After each intimate wash, be sure to dry the intimate area completely with a clean, soft towel. Accumulated moisture can encourage the growth of bacteria, which could lead to infections and bad odors.

      Remember to always dry by bringing the towel close to it so that it absorbs the moisture and avoid rubbing too hard .

      Intimate soap for men

      3. Breathable Underwear

      Choose to wear underwear made of breathable materials, such as cotton, that allow adequate air circulation and reduce the accumulation of moisture in the intimate area . Avoid synthetic fabrics that can increase sweating.

      Intimate soap for men

      4. Moisturize and protect your skin

      If you are using any type of body moisturizer in your intimate area, check that it is formulated without petroleum derivatives (such as paraffins, silicones, etc.). It has been proven that these types of ingredients create an occlusive layer on the skin, and are not healthy.

      Opt for a body cream like our Bare Man in your intimate area. Our body cream contains only plant extracts and top quality vegetable oils such as Rosehip.

      Men's body cream

      5. Use a Natural Lubricant

      If you are prone to redness and irritation in the intimate area, we recommend using a natural lubricant when having intimate relations. If you use a natural lubricant, it will not only increase your feeling of pleasure, but you will also protect your intimate area from friction that can end up irritating your skin.

      In this case, we recommend our 4-Play natural lubricant , which, being water-based, is the healthiest option (it does not contain silicone), and also does not stain clothes or sheets.

      natural lubricant


      Maintaining adequate hygiene and care of the male intimate area is essential to feel comfortable and safe throughout the year and especially in the summer. This way you will avoid bad odors and unwanted itching .

      The essential care mentioned in this article will help you keep your intimate area fresh and protected naturally.

      Plus, our Downstairs Fresh gives you a natural option to feel fresh and confident all day long.

      Don't let odors in the intimate area affect you. Always feel comfortable!

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