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Our story

Hello, I'm Robert Vinyes, the founder of HOMO NATURALS. When I was 35 years old, I started having skin problems due to symptoms of stress, even though I had always "taken care of it" with what I believed were the best products. I was suffering from flaky and reddened skin, despite having combination/oily skin.

I tried countless products from specialized stores, pharmacies and also those recommended by dermatologists. But conventional skincare could not solve the problem, since most products are formulated with petroleum-derived oils (such as paraffins, vaseline, etc.) that cause momentary hydration, but in the medium and long term, they end up further dehydrating the skin.

Natural cosmetics for men

During the recovery process, I discovered the benefits of plant extracts and essential oils, which were rich in active ingredients for the skin, and whose fatty acids allowed deep absorption and greater effectiveness than conventional products.

However, all the products on the market were focused on women's skin. And they were too oily and unctuous for me.

It was disappointing to discover that there were no natural products for men's skin care.

Then I decided to train in skincare formulation, specializing in natural skincare, both in Barcelona and London.

In 2011, together with a team of chemists and pharmacists, we began to develop exclusive skincare formulas for men.

Men's cosmetics

And this is how HOMO NATURALS was born in 2012,

The First 100% Natural Men's Cosmetics Brand

Natural and ecological cosmetics with Bio and vegan certification
Among the first products we launched on the market is our successful 4-step facial treatment. Each product comes with its step number so that it is very easy to use.
Men's cosmetics
Then we launch the eye contours to combat puffy eyes, dark circles under the yes, and wrinkles (the so-called crow's feet).
Eye contours for men
Another unique product is our specific intimate wash for men, and our exclusive natural lubricant.
The latest products that have been launched on the market are our incredible anti-aging serums with specific treatments: the Dark Spots Fighter, and the great Skin Recovery Serum with triple function for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and as a pore refiner.
And finally, our great biodegradable sunscreen stick is another unique product to protect you from the sun the way your skin deserves.

Biodegradable sunscreen

To date, we are still developing new products and continually improving our formulas, with the best quality ingredients and natural active ingredients with proven efficacy tests.
Men's cosmetics