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Article: Men's intimate hygiene products

Productos de higiene íntima para hombres

Men's intimate hygiene products

The skin in our intimate area also has specific characteristics to consider, and that is why it is important to use suitable products that are as respectful as possible with crown jewelry.

Every skin care process, whether from the face or body, always starts with cleansing.

Cleansing is essential before applying a moisturizer. During the day our body eliminates toxins, and this process is done by perspiration of our skin, as well as with our bowel movements.

The intimate area also has moisture characteristics that mixed with sweat and the aforementioned toxins can generate unpleasant odors.

In addition to all that moisture and being a low-ventilated area, it can end up being a focus of fungi or other pathologies. Therefore, good intimate hygiene is essential to keep the skin of this area healthy.

But as with our face and body, hygiene with aggressive products can cause problems in the skin of the intimate area, and as this is a sensitive and delicate area, our recommendation is to use a specific hygiene product for the intimate male area.

As we have already mentioned in previous articles, the male intimate area has a different pH than the female intimate area.

The male intimate area has a pH of around 7, while the female intimate area has a pH of around 5.5.

That's why it's especially important for men to use a intimate soap formulated with the same pH of the male intimate area to protect the hydrolipid barrier of our skin.

Another very important factor to keep in mind is that intimate soap is formulated without sulfates.

Sulfates are the ingredient that acts as a "detergent" in all soaps. The problem with sulfates is that it is very aggressive (used even in surface cleaning products).

We replace sulfates with sugar derivatives, thus obtaining a hygiene product that is just as effective but at the same time much more gentle on our skin.

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