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Article: When should I start using an anti-aging cream?

A partir de que edad debo empezar a usar una crema antiarrugas?

When should I start using an anti-aging cream?

It's a recurring problem as more and more men worry about taking care of our skin and preventing wrinkles.

A lot of times, you will ask us how old you started using anti wrinkle cream, because you may not be 30 years old, and your face has no obvious wrinkles, so you doubt whether it is a good choice to start using anti wrinkle cream.

To answer this question, we should first ask ourselves two questions:

What is anti wrinkle cream?

Anti Wrinkle Cream is a kind of cream to prevent wrinkles and treat existing wrinkles. Due to the combination of its active ingredients, it can minimize the visible wrinkles, Just like the skin that's emerging (but still invisible), make sure the visible wrinkles don't grow or grow as slowly as possible.

What is anti wrinkle cream?

Therefore, the function of Anti Wrinkle Cream is not only to treat the existing wrinkles, but also to prevent the appearance of future wrinkles and prevent the existing potential wrinkles, even if they are almost invisible, they will not grow or minimize as slowly as possible.

So, according to the description above...

What is the recommended age for using anti wrinkle cream?

You know, prevention is better than cure. Just as we should not only exercise when our body deteriorates, the same thing happens in our skin care to keep us healthy.

If you wait for wrinkles to appear before applying anti wrinkle cream, it's much more difficult to treat them than to moisten your skin with a good cream every day.

What if I used anti wrinkle cream when I was young?

If you use anti wrinkle cream when you are young No problem.The premise is that you use natural or organic anti wrinkle cream, because there are traditional anti wrinkle cream on the market, using active ingredients with flashing effect, which can fill wrinkles at the first time, In the medium and long term, this cell stretch will eventually lead to skin relaxation, and men have suffered considerable relaxation due to mixed skin, so the last thing we want to do is to use a cream that can make us more relaxed.

But it won't happen to you. If you use a cream, even if it has a tension effect, such as our youth blend gel, this tension effect is achieved by using plant extracts and active substances, which have a natural tension effect without causing long-term relaxation, just like the unnatural cream mentioned above.

Thanks to the Canadian coniferous extract, we have a tension effect.

Men's Anti Wrinkle Cream

In paragraphWhere to buy it"You'll see a list of pharmacies and other outlets where you can buy our men's cosmetics and face creams.

Our philosophy Youth mix It is a complete one-on-one formula for human skin as it moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and restates in a single product. It is available in gel form for mixed fat skin and in cream form for normal or dry skin. If you use gel in summer, cream in winter is also ideal.

Homo Naturals is the first 100% natural male cosmetic brand. In our online store, you'll find our facial care products Four step Facial Therapy, as well as our men-specific body care line, composed of a sulfate-free shower gel, body cream, hand cream, and intimate soap.

All our products are manufactured only with plant extracts, cold pressure vegetable oils and 100% pure essential oils. Bio cosmetics with ecological certification.

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