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Article: A moisturizer for men's oily skin

Crema facial hombre piel grasa

A moisturizer for men's oily skin

I have grease skin.

What kind of cream should I use?

The skin care of man with grease skin, needs special attention, since he can not use any cream.

There is nothing more unpleasant than putting a cream on your face and after a few seconds, notice that your skin begins to sweat and expel the cream you just applied on your face.

And even more if you live in a humid or coastal climate, where this feeling that your skin expels the cream and the souths immediately apply, is even more pronounced.

That is why it is very important that men use a facial moisturizer that takes into account two things:

  1. That is formulated for the skin of man, since a grease skin of man is not exactly the same as a fat skin of woman.

  2. That apart from being formulated for the skin of man, be it a specific moisturizer for fatty skin.

What kind of facial moisturizing should I choose if I have fatty skin?

Look, that we have said what kind of "moisturizing" you must use, but at no time we have said that it has to be a "moisturizing cream".

To hydrate a skin, we can get it with two different textures:

to. Gel texture
b. Cream texture

A gel texture will always be lighter and will take less oily ingredients precisely because a grease skin, although it needs hydration, which does not need is more oily matter.

Therefore, for a fat skin, we recommend you moisturize the face of man with a gel texture.

The advantage of the gel is that, regardless of whether it was absorbed more quickly, once this has been absorbed, leaves the skin super matified and you have the assurance that after a while, your skin is not going to sweat, as you can end up, as you can end up Passing with an unapproached cream.

Our Youth Blend facial moisturizer is available in two formats:

In this way, you can choose which type of texture best suits your skin type, although if you are reading this article it is surely because you have mixed or fat skin.

What type of skin do I have?

In any case, if you are not sure what kind of skin you have, in this article there are a number of questions that will help you distinguish it, since it is possible that your skin is not fat at all, but it is mixed, that is, half Road between fatty skin and normal skin.

On mixed skin, there are parts of the face that do have the characteristics of the fatty skin, but there are other parts that are not.

For mixed skin, we also recommend that you use your facial moisturizer on gel texture above all in summer or more heat.

But if you live in a dry and cold climate, even if you have mixed skin, you can use our Youth Blend Facial Cream without problem, Anti-Stress Cream during those intense winter or cold eras.

Being a specific facial cream for men, you will see that it has the ideal texture that once absorbed maintains the skin matified.

Facial care man fat skin

Our Youth Blend Gel or Cream are Step Number 4 of our Facial treatment in 4 steps.

For proper face care of fatty skin, we recommend these three specific items where we specify all aspects to take into account to take care of your skin as it deserves, and thus avoil it unbalanced, something quite common in mixed and fatty skin, due to use Of very good products or little guidelines.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or question about the care of your skin.

Homo Naturals is the first 100% natural male cosmetic brand.

In our online store you will find the best creams for men for both facial and corporal care.

All of our male cosmetics are formulated with extracts of plants, vegetable oils and essentials.

Find in our online store, the best facial cream for your skin type.

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