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Article: About Moisturizers for Men

Cremas faciales para hombre

About Moisturizers for Men

Is it really necessary for men to use specific moisturizers?

There are countless cosmetics on the market, even certified natural and organic cosmetics.

Most brands claim that their products are neutral, so their moisturizers and other skin care products can also be used by men. They didn't lie.

Through power, men can also use these products that are wrongly called neutral.

The question is, are these products really for men's skin?

In other articles, we have explained the differences between male and female skin, so we will not emphasize this article, but the three basic features that distinguish natural persons from any "neutral" or non-specific male brand are:

1。 texture
It's probably the most important texture for a woman's skin, even if it's too greasy.

It's important to remember that men's mixed skin is always fatter than women's skin.

Sometimes we get feedback from men who tell us that, so far, they can't use face cream, and their skin will remove them until they find our brand.

This is common because although many brands advertise their products as neutral, their creams are designed for the general public, not for men.

2。 Perfume:
Of course, for taste, color is very subtle, because in essence, nature does not distinguish between men's perfume and non men's perfume.

But it's clear that there's a range of perfumes that are usually men's favorite, which is why perfume makers focus on the male audience.

It's not surprising that men write to tell us how good their products smell. It's just that they contain essential oils, which are usually more attractive to the senses.

3。 Introduction:
Like the above, it's not that you don't like the pink cream.

Of course, yes, we advocate that at the end of the day, the only difference from male cosmetics is its male skin care formula, not its packaging.

But in fact, even today, most men are more comfortable with a cleaner packaged cream like ours.

We use black because it is an elegant color and it will make your cream another decorative element in the bathroom, no matter what color it is.

In fact, more and more female cosmetics brands have used more and more black on bottles. So welcome to; -)

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