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Article: What is a facial corrector?

Corrector facial y ojeras hombre

What is a facial corrector?

What is a facial corrector for?

A facial corrector is a product formulated to disguise small imperfections of the skin.

In our case we call him Camouflage and has a completely invisible touch of color regardless of the color of your skin.

If your skin has a little uniform tone and presents small imperfections such as acne, eczema, some scar, spots, etc, or if you just notice that your skin has a tone off and you need to give it a touch of luminosity, our eyes-on-me camouflage It is your product, since it is specifically formulated for men in such a way that the touch of color is invisible to the human eye.

What is a difference between a facial and makeup corrector?
Is it the same as a makeup?

A facial concealer can be part of a makeup line but does not have to be a makeup.

In fact, our camouflage does not consider it as a makeup due to how it is formulated, since the touch of color that carries is completely invisible.

The facial concealer gives a touch of luminosity, it uniforms the tone of your skin, and if you have brightness, it is also ideal to qualify it.

The facial concealer is also ideal for those days that you have slept little and you need to look a good face at work, or for when you are going out at night and you need to disguise the fatigue of day to day, without anyone noticing the touch of color.

In any case, keep in mind that the function of a facial corrector is simply to correct imperfections, but in our case it is not a facial moisturizer.

If what you need is to hydrate your skin, we recommend you use our gel or anti-stress cream, and on top of this product, apply the facial corrector. Our Camouflage is also ideal for correcting the dark circles.

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