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Article: How to find out my type of skin

Como saber qué tipo de piel tengo

How to find out my type of skin

This question is extremely important when choosing the type of cosmetic product or products for skin care.

Depending on the type of skin we have, we will use a type of texture or another for both cleaning and toning or hydrating our skin.

Today there are devices that allow tests very tight on the type of skin we have. They indicate the degree of dryness, the thickness, the degree of cutaneous alteration, the torn of the pores, etc.

To perform a comprehensive examination of the skin, you can go to your dermatologist or a pharmacy specialized in male cosmetics, where they usually have this type of devices that analyze and perform a test of the skin type you have.

In any case, you can do a visual analysis of the status of your skin, answering the questions of This link.

You will see that the different types of skins are described, and just by responding to simple questions, you can determine the type of skin you have and you will have more elements to choose the best cosmetic product for men, and the texture that best suits your type of skin.

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