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Article: Facial Moisturizer for men

Crema hidratante para hombre

Facial Moisturizer for men

face cream for man

Although men's skin is often mixed, even fat, but it is important to use men's cream to keep the skin hydrated, so as to delay aging.

This is because men's skin is different from women's skin, so you need products that suit your skin type.

There are some mixed skin creams on the market that are wrongly called neutral. Men with mixed skin or fat can't use them because they are still too greasy.

You'll find countless moisturizers on the market, although we recommend that you use only men's face creams, that is, they are specifically formulated for men's skin.

This should be your first filter, because as mentioned above, it is very important that your cream suits the special needs of your skin type.

If you're looking for a cream for yourself or your child, it's important to choose a cream that's not only for a man's skin, but also for his skin type.

If you have oily or mixed skin, we recommend that you use gel based moisturizers, that is, facial moisturizers for mixed or fatty skin.

In addition, you can supplement your face cream with Rejuvenation or tonic spray, which is seborrheic, that is, helps you regulate excess fat secretion.

Ideally, it's in the form of spray, because it can make the most of the whole product and is very easy to use, because you just need to spray your face without using any cotton or any other accessories.

Revitalizing spray will supplement vitamins in your gel or moisturizing cream. Although it is a kind of seborrhea regulator, you can also use it if your skin is normal or dry, because as the name suggests, it can only regulate excess fat secretion and help balance your skin, but it will not make your skin dry at any time.

Facial rejuvenating products like our cool splash also contain aloe bio, a great facial moisturizer that doesn't need to add more fat to your skin. Another very interesting ingredient is peppermint extract, which is a very interesting cell supplement.

When do I use face cream?

Ideally, you should use your gel or cream every morning and evening after taking a bath or washing your face.

It is important to keep your skin clean before using the cream, otherwise when you use the cream, you will reintroduce the toxins that your skin removed during the day or the night before.

You can combine your gel or cream with a tonic or rejuvenating spray.

The first step is to spray the spray on our faces.

Then you can gently touch it with deddo's yolk until it is absorbed, although another very interesting option is to apply the cream directly to the still wet face without being absorbed.

In this way, you can form a kind of emulsion between the cream and rejuvenation spray, which helps it penetrate into the lower layer of the skin, thus improving its efficacy.

If you need specific information about how to choose men's face cream, please click here.

If you are looking for an eye contour specific cream, please refer to our men's skin care guide for more information on how to remove bags and circles from the eye contour.

You can also find more information about oily skin care, or more tips on how to choose an anti-aging cream.

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We are the first brand of 100% natural male cosmetics. Eco-certified products specific to the skin of the man. Facial treatment and body care products complete an entire line specialized in men's creams.

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