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Choose your skin type:


Detox facial cleanser
Gentle Shave Cream

2-in- 1

Men's facial cleanser


pH 5.5  



Choose your preferred texture according to your skin type or time of year. 



Ideal for oily or combination skin
Ideal in hot climates,
humid or summer.

Ideal for normal or dry skin
Ideal in dry climates,
cold or winter.

- With Bakuchiol, the natural retinol.

- With Larch Tree extract for a great 
tensing effect.

Oily skin tends to have fewer wrinkles
but more sagging.

Thanks to the lifting effect 
of its coniferous extract, early sagging
of combination and oily skins is prevented.

- With Red Vine
and Rosehip extracts.

- With plant sourced hyaluronic acid.

- With organic Aloe Vera.

- With Bakuchiol, the natural retinol.

- With Gingko Biloba,
to fight
wrinkles effectively.

- With Shea Butter,
to regenerate skin cells.

- With organic Jojoba,
firming rich in ceramides,
the cement that keeps
united the cells of our skin.

- With plant sourced hyaluronic acid.

- With avocado extract, great nourishing 
ingredient that
contains vitamins
A, B1, B2, C, D, E...

Refreshing Mint fragrance
 made of 100% pure
essential oils
Mythical Woody fragrance made
of 100% pure
essential oils
Ideal for young skin Ideal for mature skin

What type of skin do I have?

100% Natural Products with Organic + Vegan certification

  • Free from paraffins, silicones, or other petroleum-derived oils
  • Alcohol-free
  • Free from synthetic preservatives such as parabens, triclosan, phenoxyethanol, etc.
  • Free from ethoxylated emulsifiers
  • Free from synthetic scents
Natural and ecological cosmetics with Bio and vegan certification

All our products are made from premium plant extracts, cold-pressed vegetable oils, and 100% pure essential oils.

Kit antiarrugas hombre piel grasa
FACIAL CLEANSER + MOISTURIZER Sale price52,00 € Regular price56,90 €

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
I love

I discovered these products years ago, and I still love them. The cleanser smells like chamomile infusion and is a real pleasure to use. You have to be careful with the container, because it is glass and I have broken it once in the shower.
The facial gel is very pleasant to apply and gives the skin a very good appearance. Matte but with a healthy shine. It is very good moisturizing

Franck O.
Very good combination

I've only been using the cleanser and scrub for 1 month, and I liked it so much that I wanted to try the gel.
Leaves the skin looking good and soft. It is absorbed immediately and the face is left illuminated. not so much complaint, quite the opposite.
For now I will continue using them because of their cost, their efficiency and the naturalness of the products. It's quite a success.
Try it, you won't regret it. In one month and with daily use, you will see your skin cleaner, hydrated and firmer.

Ander LD
The 2 that don't fail!

This batch of cleanser + anti-stress gel is incredible. The skin is left soft, smooth and luminous. The hydration point is optimal and they contain super pleasant aromas. I will repeat!! 100%

David M.F.
I would buy it again

This is not the first time I have used this product. The facial cream leaves me feeling very comfortable, especially when I get out of the pool. I will repeat


For me these two products are the best. I always repeat. The cleanser leaves my skin super soft, and the cream has taken a couple of years off my shoulders hehe

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