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Article: How to take care of men's oily skin (II)

cuidado facial hombre piel grasa. Cosmético seborregulador

How to take care of men's oily skin (II)

As we decided in the previous article, one of the most common problems of men's fat skin is precisely excess sebum or excess fat secretion.

This is not very aesthetic because they cause us the bakes that we like so little and the feeling of going dirty or sweated.

However, we have to affirm that we have to choose, it is preferable to have a mixed skin or fat, since the appearance of wrinkles in principle will be later than in a dry skin.

However, a fat skin also needs its specific care. The most important is that the facial cleansing is with a non-aggressive cleaning product.

Very important to the facial cleansing without sulfates and pH 5. They are two vital elements if we want to always maintain a balanced skin in good condition.

Hydration in a mixed skin or fat is also more important than it seems, as fat skins also tend to have specific periods of dehydration.

What is very important is to use a specific hydrating product for oily skin, although we speak in the following article. Our proposal to treat a oily skin is to use a seboregulator product, but eye, a natural seboregulator, very important that is formulated without alcohol.

While it is true that alcohol reseca, and this may seem good for a fat skin, the problem of alcohol is that it destroys the hydrolypidic mantle or what is the same, the natural protection layer of our skin.

This mantle or layer is fundamental not to unbalance it, but in spite of having a fat skin, our skin can suffer reddish, flakiness, etc.

Our Cool Splash, revitalizing facial, is a seboregulator spray for oily skin formulated only with plant extracts. It contains Hamamelis which is the ingredient that regulates excess fat secretion of the skin, and also contains Indian chestnut which is a great facial revitalizing.

The good thing about our Cool Splash is that it only regulates sebum secretion, but it doesn't dry the skin, so it can also perfectly use a dry skin.

In addition to its 2-en-1 functionality, it is also an excellent Natural After Shave.

The aloe vera will restore the water balance of the skin and marigold the calmara.

TThe ingredients contained in our Cool Splash are extracts of plants in aqueous format, not carrying this product any vegetable oil, so that at all it will bring more unwanted fat to a skin that needs hydration but no more fat.

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