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Article: Pharmacy skincare products for men

Cosmética masculina de farmacia

Pharmacy skincare products for men

Traditionally there has been almost no supply of men's cosmetic products in pharmacies.

As in perfumeries, it has been a few years since the supply of products for the skin of man has been expanded, in pharmacies this process of expanding the offer of products for men has been slower.

Still many men prefer to go to other outlets to buy their products both personal hygiene, facial care or cosmetics both facial and body, and that is precisely due to the limited offer that there has been in pharmacies of specific products for the care of the skin of man.

However, when men have a skin problem, especially related to shaving, then we do go to the pharmacy to find solutions to rehydrate, soothe and protect the skin from possible irritations that occur from shaving.

It should be noted that subjecting to daily shaving on the skin, sooner or later can alter the hydrolipid balance and also the microbiota of it.

That's why from HOMO NATURALS we recommend using as respectful shaving products as possible that can be found in selected pharmacies.

For example, our Extra Gent's allows you to shave in a much more respectful way than conventional foams as it is not a foam but has a cream texture and does not carry sulfates, which can be very aggressive for shaving.

It also respects the pH of our skin (pH 5.5) and thus prevents unwanted imbalances.

The advantage of our products is the 2-in-1 functionality they have, which make them practical and useful men's products whether purchased for their own use or as a gift.

You can find here a section dedicated exclusively to gifts for men.

2-in-1 functionality allows you to combine shaving products + facial treatment products into a single product.

If you are an individual, you can check which pharmacies you can buy our products in the Where to buy section.

If you are a pharmacy and need to recommend cosmetic and skin care products for men, please contact us.

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