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Article: How to improve a man skin

Como mejorar el cutis del hombre

How to improve a man skin

4 simple steps to improve man's cutis

The cutis of the man differs from that of the woman in that normally the skin is more fat but also thicker, and therefore many products of feminine cosmetics are not the most suitable for men, since they cost to absorb, they feel too fatty, or even once absorbed, after a while the skin of the man ends them ejecting in the form of sweat.

In this sense, we recommend using men's creams as they are formulated for the specific needs of man's skin.

Moreover, the advantage of a mixed skin or fat is that it is better hydrated than a dry skin, and therefore the appearance of wrinkles will always always be later than the skin of the woman, which tends to be drier than that of the man.

Step 1

Deep and respectful facial cleansing with your skin Man's cutis tends to have open pores and excess sebum.

Because of this reason, many men end up using cleaning products that are not suitable like the soaps in pill (they have too high a pH) or body shower gels.

These products can give the feeling of deep cleaning, but they can also be very aggressive products for our cutis.

Therefore, the first step and perhaps the most important after hydration, is to always use a facial cleanser as natural as possible and even better if it is also ecological.

It's important that you facial cleanser is formulated without sulfates and with pH 5 to maintain the natural protection barrier of our skin and not to unbalance it.

Step 2

Help regenerate your skin with an exfoliating. The second step should always be a weekly exfoliation.

Exfoliation is used to remove dead cells and help the skin regenerate.

A peeling, scrub or exfoliating (it's the same) is especially recommended for mixed skins and fats, and is therefore ideal for man's skin.

We always recommend using a mechanical exfoliant versus a chemical exfoliant, as the latter may be too aggressive for our skin.

A Mechanical exfoliating is the one that removes dead cells by massaging with natural elements such as apricot, micronized coconut shell, sugar, etc.

Step 3

Help your skin with a vitamin contribution. Before hydrating your skin, we recommend using a facial revitalizing tonic.

The ideal is to use one in spray format because it's very practical to use, and you save yourself having to use a cotton.

Plus with the spray you take advantage of the entire product. A revitalizing facial will help you improve the appearance of your cutis by fighting the feeling of fatigue due to your vitamin intake.

It's very important that you facial revitalizing is formulated without alcohol.

Unfortunately alcohol is very commonly used in many facial tonics because it is a very economical ingredient for the manufacturer, but it is a very aggressive ingredient that destroys the natural protective barrier and unbalances our skin, which can generate redness and unwanted deescamation.

Use only a facial tonic that is formulated with the best quality plant extract to take advantage of the active ingredients it contains. This is one of the products that will really help you improve your complexion and with which you will get to be even more handsome; -)

I spend 4

Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate... Of all the selection of men's creams you can find on the market, the main product you should never stop using is a facial moisturizer.

This is perhaps the most important step if you only had to choose one, although the true synergy is achieved by performing the routine of the 4 steps here described

The important thing that your gel or moisturizer is formulated for the skin of man, if you want to avoid the problems mentioned at the beginning of this article.

for choose your face moisturizer, you should consider the type of skin you have (fat, mixed, normal or dry), then decide whether a texture in moisturizing gel format or cream format is better for you.

You should also consider the time of year you are in, as our skin is not the same in winter or summer or if the climate in which we live is a humid climate or dry climate.

If you live in a climate where there are marked seasonal changes and considerable temperature difference throughout the seasons, you should consider using a moisturizing gel for the warmer or wetter season, and a moisturizer for the colder or drier season.

To prevent wrinkles and improve your complexion, it's essential that you always keep your skin well hydrated.

Wrinkles begin to appear as our skin gradually resects with age.

By moisturizing your skin daily, you'll be able to delay the skin aging process.


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