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Article: Tips for preventing puffy eyes

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Tips for preventing puffy eyes

One of the first signs of facial fatigue and aging are usually the bags that appear at the bottom of the eye contour.

There are several reasons why these bags appear, and although it is true that there are people who are more likely to have bags than others, sooner or later and greater or lesser extent, the bags on the eyelids have just appeared, and you already know the Reference, better to prevent from cure.

Therefore, the most important thing is to put these tips into practice to avoid or maximize the appearance of the bags and in general that aspect of fatigue on the skin.

It is curious because there are people who have few wrinkles and skin quite smooth, and on the other hand, only by the fact of having bags under the eye contour, their physical appearance and their apparent age is greater only by the effect caused by bags in the eyes.

Imagine someone who knows that has the bags marked. And now imagine those people without the bags in the eyes. Automatically the apparent age of that person will decrease.

Therefore, the fact of preventing the appearance of bags under the eyes is a key factor to keep a young aspect and not pretend more than we have.

We mentioned here the following tips that will help you. Although if you have other ideas or advice, do not hesitate to leave your comments at the end of this article.

But before starting with the list of tips, you are probably asking if it makes sense to keep reading if in your case you already have bags in the outline area and what you want is to eliminate them, since you probably think that it is too late to prevent.

And our answer is: absolutely yes. All these tips are ideal to prevent, but if your feeling is that you have already left the bags, or if you have always been prone to having them, think that they can go to more, so it is very important to start putting into practice these tips as soon as possible.

The tips to prevent and treat bags in the eye contour are:

1. Have good facial hygiene. Clean your face daily. In fact, the ideal would be to clean it tomorrow and night. It associates oral hygiene to facial hygiene, and every time you wash your teeth, remember to wash your face as well.

If you can associate this habit, it will help you a lot to follow your routine. Facial cleaning is basic when maintaining our skin in good condition.
Clean skin is a healthy skin, and a healthy skin is a skin that will remain smooth and without flaccidity for longer.
Think that the eye contour is an integral part of your face, and therefore it is important that the whole area is in good condition.
But yes, the skin of the eye contour is up to 10 times finer than the skin of the face.
That is why it is basic that the cleaning products that we use for the face are as respectful as possible, since they will inevitably be in contact around the eyes and it is very important not to stress the skin of the contour.
Basic is always using a specific cleaner for the face that is formulated without sulphates and with pH 5.5

2. Beware of those habits. We already know that it is a classic, but to move and change the rhythms of sleep continuously to our body, it happens to our skin, as well as excesses of alcohol and tobacco.

Try carrying a routine and not changing too much of habits. Your body and your skin will thank you.

3. Sports regularly, and if you are not a great athlete, you do not need to make marathons or great efforts, but everything that is burning calories and moving the skeleton, will activate the circulation of your organisms and everything that is to activate The circulation will also help you prevent bags in the eyes from going to more.

4. Always keep your face well hydrated. Just as cleansing is critical, so is the hydration of your face in general.

If your skin is well hydrated, it will stay healthy for longer, be less stressed against external agents, and help your inner balance protect and self-regulate better.

5. Massage the contour area is a great idea. We recommend using a roll-on like that of our Eyes-On-Me, and its metal ball with cold effect, allows you to massage the contour while applying the product.

Once the product is applied, you can tap the small finger over the area to help the product absorb faster.

Once the product has been absorbed, its exclusive n8+ complex will start acting in such a way that the active ingredients will help you drain and decongest the area.

Our Eyes-On-Me is a 100% natural product and formulated only with plant extracts of the best quality.

6. Always rinse your face with cold water. When you wash your face, always rinse it with cold water and make sure the cold water reaches the eye contour area. Cold water is vasoconstrictor and helps fight bags.

7. Keep a good diet. Especially if your body tends to retain fluids, you know there are a number of foods that don't help and instead there are others that do.In general, our recommendation is that you have a balanced diet.

In conclusion, we can say that eye bags can be avoided and if you've always had a tendency to have bags despite a good night's sleep and a healthy lifestyle, at least they can be minimized and prevent them from going any further.

These tips are not a magic wand and we already know that it is not easy to put them all into practice around the world.

But if you don't get too much sleep, have little regularity in your habits, smoke, don't play sports and can't resist eating as healthy as we should, extra reason to use a good eye contour to help drain bags and decongest the contour area; extra reason to try to wash your face regularly and with a facial cleanser that's respectful and extra reason to keep your face well hydrated with a gel or face cream for men.

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