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Article: How to do a correct facial cleansing? (I)

Limpiador facial hombre

How to do a correct facial cleansing? (I)

How to make a correct facial cleaning?

The first thing we have to take into account when cleaning our face is that our skin has a natural protection layer, called "hydrolipid mantle" or "acid mantle" due to the pH rather acid of our skin or pH 5.5.

We do not see it but it is there and performs a very important function of protecting our skin against external agents (pollution, sun), not allowing it to be unbalanced and thus preventing pathologies of any kind (atopic skin, rosaceous, rockets, desdecamation ...) .

That means that any facial or body cleaner you use, must have a pH of 5.5 or as close as possible to this value.

Otherwise, we will destroy this hydrolipidic mantle that will leave our skin unprotected and the possibility opening the possibility that it is unbalanced by the aforementioned pathologies.

For facial cleaning, we should always avoid pill soaps of all life, as this type of soaps, even if they are craftsmen and formulated with natural ingredients, usually have a very high pH.

As of today, the way for formulating a pill soap with a pH 5.5 has not been found.

You must bear in mind that the skin of your face is 5 times finer than your body, so it is extremely important that you use a facial cleaner as respectful as possible with your face.

In this way you will get to wear a healthy skin with better look for a long time.

That is why we recommend never using a pill soap for facial cleaning, without a specific cleaner for the face that is more respectful.

Even in liquid soaps where it indicates "neutral pH", this refers to a pH 7 or higher, since the neutral pH is pH 7, it is nevertheless our skin does not have pH 7, but pH 5.5.

The greater the pH of a cleaning product, more unprotected our skin of the natural acid mantle and more exposed is to external aggressions of any kind.

The more aggressions our skin receives, the sooner the symptoms of aging will begin.

How many times a day should I wash my face?

In the same way that oral hygiene should be done at least twice a day (morning and night), with facial cleaning the same happens. You must wash your face at least every morning and every night to remove the toxins that are accumulating during the day as well as pollution that accumulates in any city today.

If you wear a moisturizing cream without having first face, you will return to all those toxins that your body has eliminated along with the accumulated pollution on your all-day skin.

In this article you will find more information about why facial cleaning is as important within your skin care routine.

That is why it is very important, that before hydrating your skin with a facial cream (or with a facial gel, if you have grease skin), I wash your face with a facial cleaner.

ANDSte facial cleaner must be formulated without sulfates and with pH 5.5.

Why a natural facial cleaner?

A 100% natural and ecological facial cleaner as our extra Gent's, must always be formulated without sulphates.

Sulfate is the ingredient that makes detergent and that therefore drags fat and dirt.

The problem is that sulfate is too aggressive an ingredient for our skin, above all that of our face, which as we have already commented before, the skin of the face is 5 times finer than that of our body.

We replace the sulfates for "glycosides" or sugar derivatives, thus achieving an equal product of efficiently and highly respectful with your skin.

As mentioned above, it is very important that your facial cleanser has ph 5.5, since only the fact that it is a natural product does not guarantee that it has pH 5.

Ideally, your facial cleanser is certified organic to make sure it only contains vegetable oils, plant extracts and essential oils, and doesn't carry petroleum derivatives or other agents that may be too aggressive for your skin.

For more information on how to perform proper facial cleansing, in this article called The 10 Commandments of Facial Cleansing you will find a series of guidelines on what you should and shouldn't when you do your facial cleansing.

On man's skin care Facial cleansing is one of the two most important steps on skin care. The other is hydration.

In this male facial care guide, we explain everything about men's face creams and especially how to choose a moisturizer.

In the next article we will publish more tips on how to perform a correct facial cleansing. If you'd like to know what the steps are to be a handsome boy through a good facial care routine, you'll find them in this article.

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