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Article: 7 specifics of Men's Skin

Caracteristicas piel hombre

7 specifics of Men's Skin

The main reason for using specific skincare products for men, is that our skin is different from that of women.

Only if you live in an extreme cold climate, some women's moisturizers could be just ok for your skin. But if you live in a normal or mild climate, the best for your skin is that you use specific products in order to avoid providing your skin more oil than it needs and making it too oily. A very oily skin will become puffy at an earlier stage, and you don't want that. 

We have describred the differences between men skin and women skin in another post.

To recap, we can stated that in general, men's skin is usually more "lipidic" (which means oilier or with a higher sebum production), and also thicker.

In addition, continuous shaving can unbalance your skin, leading to skin shedding, rednesses and other problems, which could be improved by using appropriate products.

Here's a more detailed list of the differences between men and women skin.

Seven differences of men skin

1. It has more sebaceous glands, which means it produces more sebum (fat), or what is often called oily skin.

That's why it's important to use a light cream texture as a moisturizer or even better a moisturizing gel instead of a cream, that will not  make your skin oilier. It's also recommended that the facial toner is sebum-regulating. 

2. Due to this higher sebum secretion, men skin tends to be better hydrated than women skin.

Therefore, wrinkles and aging signs appear later in men than in women. However, when it does appear, it usually does all of a sudden. Instead women skin thends to age earlier but in a more gradual way. This is why it's important to delay the aging process in men's skin, in order to avoid that abrupt ageing signs that will end up appearing.

3. This excess oily skin can also easily lead to acne. That's why it's important to use non comodogenic creams, which means they don't cause pimples or blackheads.

It's essential not to use facial moisturizers that contain silicone or petroleum derived oils, because these ingredients create an oclusive layer on your skin, making it unable to breathe.

This is not healthy for your skin and can lead to comedones (pimples or blackheads). If you use only natural or organic creams, that are made only with vegetable that let your skin breathe. The fatty acids of vegetable oils are more similar to those of your skin and it allows it to breathe. 

4. Men usually have thicker skin than women. This means that your cream should be light and designed with a formula that is quickly absorbed.

5. Men's skin usually contains more collagen, which is why the aging process is slower and wrinkles appear later than in women.

6. Men usually have bigger pores. This means impurities are more likely to accumulate on men's skin, which is why it's essential to cleanse on a daily basis, and to scrub weekly.

However, a men's facial cleanser should not just clean thoroughly, but it should also do it the most possible gentle way. A very harsh cleanser may unbalance your skin, and if you have an oily skin, it can make a rebound reaction and produce more oil.

7.  Due to its thickness and sebum secretion, men skin tends to sweat more. In principle, you shouldn't worry too much, but if it's true, sweating can make people feel uncomfortable and not groomed.

That's why it's important to use a shine-free gel or cream, in order to avoide unwanted shine on your skin.


We can say that it's important to use products that have a specific formula for men's skin.

A facial cream that is not specially formulated for men, may eventually produce more fat on men's skin than what it needs and eventually create early skin sagging.

A specific facial toner spray should be toner or revitalising spray that also acts as an oil balancer, just like our Cool splash.

Also, your facial cleanser must also be specifically formulated for men skin, so that it thoroughly cleanses those more open pores described above, but it also does it without unbalancing your skin, which could cause a rebound effect causing our skin to produce even more fat.

That's why our men's facial skincare products are formulated specially for the purposes above described for best men skin care. .

There is obviously not a single texture or just one single facial cream for all men. Your facial moisturizer, in addition to being formulated for men, must also be designed for your skin type, which can be oily, mixed, normal or dry skin.

If you need to know what type of skin you have, you'll find more information here

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Our products are organic certified. We have a men's complete facial treatment as well as shower gel, body cream for men, hand cream, deodorants, and intimate soap.

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