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Article: The best anti-aging care for men with mature and oily skin

Cuidado facial hombre con piel madura y grasa

The best anti-aging care for men with mature and oily skin

Yesterday we received this question from a 62-year-old man who has oily skin and doesn't know what products to use.
And since it is quite common for men , even from a certain age, to have oily skin , we think that these recommendations can be of great help to many of you.
This is the question he asked us, and below you will find our response:
Good afternoon,
I would like to find a good facial routine used for my age and assuming that I am 62 years old and have oily skin, especially on the facial T.
At the moment, all the products I have tried from well-known brands work for me until midday, but then the grease comes out again.
And also if you can advise me on an eye contour that combats bags.
I think that with a facial cleanser, serum and moisturizer (not greasy) and an eye contour that worked I would be happy.
Thank you so much

Hello Jose,
We proceed to answer you here about your question about the best facial routine for oily skin and an age range of 60 years:

There can be many reasons why the feeling of oily skin reappears after midday, after using other brands of cosmetic products. We list some of them here:

to. Too aggressive facial cleanser. If you use a facial cleanser that contains sulfates or overly aggressive ingredients (it can even be a conventional shower gel or a bar soap), your skin is left so unprotected that it has a rebound effect and generates even more oil to protect itself. We recommend that you only use a gentle facial cleanser (sulfate-free and pH 5) like our Extra Gent's .

b. The facial creams you are using are formulated for drier skin (such as women's) and are adding excess oil to your skin, which it then ends up removing. We recommend our Anti-Stress Gel , since instead of being a cream, it is a facial anti-aging gel, formulated specifically for men's skin.

c. You are using too much face cream. Sometimes it happens that, when we go from using a conventional cream (with silicones, paraffins, etc.) to a 100% natural cream (only with plant extracts and vegetable oils), some brands like ours are very concentrated and really with very A small amount is more than enough. It is difficult to recommend the exact amount to apply, since it depends on each individual case. But in some cases, a measurement corresponding to the size of a lentil would be enough.

d. Detox phase. If in the past you have been using creams with petroleum derivatives (paraffins, Vaselines, silicone oils), something very common in most brands, it is possible that your skin is now in this "detox" phase and little by little it is expelling this type of ingredients. We are not saying that this is exactly what is happening to you, but it is a possibility, or it may be a mixture of all these possibilities. That is why we recommend using only 100% natural products with ecological certification, which guarantee that they do not contain petroleum derivatives. These petroleum derivatives are inert and do not contribute anything to your skin. On the other hand, if you use a product that only contains plant extracts and vegetable oils, the fatty acids in these vegetable oils have greater biocompatibility with your skin than the fatty acids in oils derived from petroleum.

and. You have oily skin, no matter what you do. Have you tried washing your face one day without using any facial cream, and seeing what happens at midday? If by midday your skin is oily again, then it is not because of the cream, but because you have oily skin, whatever you do, and if you also live in a hot and humid climate, then it is quite likely that the shine will return. appear after a few hours, even if you have not applied cream. In this case, our recommendations would be:

Yo. When you shower, don't use your conventional shower gel for your face. Wash your face outside the shower and only use a gentle facial cleanser like our Extra Gent's . When you dry your face, don't rub. Pat it dry with a soft towel.

ii. Apply a facial toner with sebum-regulating properties like our Cool Splash . It is an oil-free product that only contains plant extracts to tone, revitalize, and refresh your skin. Plus, it's also a great aftershave soother. Being in spray format, it is very easy to apply.

iii. Apply a light-textured and oil-free serum like our Dark Spots Fighter . This serum is completely water-based and also oil-free, and is a powerful anti-aging.

These 3 steps that we have mentioned are the ones that we would recommend to you now in summer.

Additionally, you can try our Anti-Stress Gel , as we mentioned above. This anti-aging facial gel is formulated specifically for men's skin, and specifically for combination skin and oily skin . But start with these 3 products first ( Cleanser , Revitalizing Spray and Serum ), and if you later see that your skin accepts it, add the Anti-Stress Gel to seal the active ingredients of the facial spray and serum .

It is possible that during the intense heat season, you do not need to use the Anti-Stress Gel and the spray and serum will be enough, and then at the end of the summer, when it is not so hot anymore, you can add the Anti-Stress Gel . In addition, the Anti-Stress Gel has a very firming active ingredient, ideal for combating premature sagging so common in oily skin.

Then, in winter, you can also combine the serum recommended above with the Skin Recovery Serum , which also has sebum-regulating and firming active ingredients to combat sagging .

And then, in times of intense cold, you can also combine the Anti-Stress Gel with the Anti-Stress Cream to protect your skin from low temperatures.


You also ask us about an eye contour for bags. We recommend our Eyes-On-Me , as it contains a complex of 8 active ingredients to comprehensively fight against bags, dark circles and wrinkles in the specific contour area. This eye contour is very easy to apply, as it has a metal ball with a cold effect that allows you to massage the contour area to help drain bags and prevent future appearance. The ingredients it contains are very draining, decongestant and antioxidants, ideal for keeping bags at bay. In addition, it has a very light texture, ideal for oily skin.

That would be all from us. In any case, we recommend taking our skin test , which is a brief questionnaire with which in less than 2 minutes you will obtain a personalized facial routine with the products that best adapt to the needs of your skin.

We remain at your disposal to expand any additional information you need.

Best regards and welcome to Homo Naturals!


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