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Article: Three reasons why you should use men's skincare products

Cosmetica masculina

Three reasons why you should use men's skincare products

If you're a man who takes care of you and has recommended you a "unisex" cream, here are three reasons why you should go to male cosmetics.

1. By normal general, the skin of the man is different from that of the woman. We are not going to extend too much at this point as we explain it in more detail in other articles.

But man's skin is usually more lipid (i.e., something more fat) and thicker, and in addition to shaving, which does not stop being a submitter of our skin.

And what does it mean?

It means that if you use a cream with a bad texture called "unisex", but that in the background it is thought of in the skin of the woman, which usually is usually drier than the man's, and therefore needs more fat cream textures, this kind of texture may not be ideal for you, bringing an excess of fat to your skin that can result in an uncomfortable excess of sebum and the feeling that you "sweat" your face cream after a while.

That's why it's very important to use a facial moisturizer formulated specifically for the man's skin.

If in addition, you're a man with mixed skin or fat, our recommendation is that you use a moisturizer in GEL format that has a much lighter texture leaving the skin without bakes once it has been absorbed.

The subjection of our skin to the daily shaving is also important to bear in mind, since the razor blade not only takes the hair of the beard but also the hydrolypidic layer that although we do not see it, it is a layer of protection of our skin that is very important not to unbalance.

That is why the use of natural and non-aggressive products is extremely important, as well as products with a high degree of active principle, which can also help to regenerate our skin, and to give it the desired vitamin contribution. 2.

2. The second reason is the fragrance of the products. Most "unisex" creams are formulated with fragrances that may prove unattractive to many men's sniff.

Our products are formulated only with 100% pure essential oils (we do not use synthetic perfumes) with fragrances selected for the liking of men like citrus and mint, great refreshing, or wood-forest, very attractive to the male smell. 3.

3. And the third reason is simply a reason for the presentation of the products.

Of course this is a very subjective topic, and luckily, more and more the color of the bottle should not be relevant when making the purchase decision, but the type of texture and the quality and quantity of active substance that makes up your cosmetic or skin care product.

But it is true that many men do not feel comfortable using products with very floral presentations or very "feminine" presentations, although we insist that this should not be the most important thing, when choosing a cosmetic.

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