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Article: The importance of facial cleansing

Limpiador facial hombre

The importance of facial cleansing

We have mentioned in another article that the first step to take care of the skin on our face is to pay close attention to facial cleaning products.

On average, the skin on our faces is five times thinner than our bodies.

It means that she needs to be particularly careful. In addition, the skin on our face is the only part of the whole body that is often found, which means that it is always exposed to pollution, solar radiation and other free radicals that make us old.

That's why it's important to keep your face clean before using our moisturizer.

If we don't clean our face thoroughly before applying the cream, all we have to do is mix all the dirt and pollution with the moisturizer.

Especially if you live in a city or big city with high pollution levels.

Our bodies also sweat out toxins through our skin, and if we don't wash our hands before using face cream, we'll introduce them again.

However, we can't use any product for good facial cleaning.

Because the skin on our face is five times thinner than our body, and it's the only part of our body that is always exposed to external factors, no matter what kind of skin you have (fat, dry...), you should respect cleaning as much as possible.

We will discuss facial cleansing in other articles based on your skin type, but in any case, we always recommend the following facial cleansers:

1。 Sulfate Free

Sulfates are components of detergents, that is, they have the ability to remove dirt from our skin or any other surface. However, sulfates should not be used in facial cleansing products because they can be too aggressive on our skin.

2。 The pH value is 5.5

I mean, it has the same pH as our skin. If we use a very high pH cleaner, we will destroy our hydrolytic layer or acidic mantle, which is our natural protective layer.

It's a cloak we can't see, but it's there, and it's very important not to lose balance in order to keep our skin healthy.

If your cleanser contains skin protective ingredients (such as aloe vera, chamomile or other soothing plant extracts), it's even better.

We recommend a male specific facial cleanser, which may be 100% natural or ecologically certified, as our additional gent's, which is only formulated with plant extracts.

It's a very detoxifying cleanser, that is to say, it's a great cleanser that cleans thoroughly, but at the same time it protects your skin from redness, scaling or unnecessary imbalance in a way that respects your skin very much.

In addition, the fragrance of 100% pure citrus essential oil enhances its detoxification function and is also a very pleasant sensory experience.

It's even great for shaving, because its creamy texture softens the hair on our beards better than traditional foam.

Our extra gentry is just the first step in our four step facial therapy.

Here you can find our complete facial and body care products for men.

If you want to learn more about how to clean your face properly, we'll explain it to you in this article.

Homo Naturals is the first 100% natural male cosmetic brand. We have men's face cream, body cream, deodorant, hand cream and personal soap.

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