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Article: Skin care tips for Men (I)

Consejos cuidado facial hombre

Skin care tips for Men (I)

In this article, we tell you some tips on how to take care of your face easily inside your daily routine.

Taking care with masculine cosmetic products had never been so easy.

The first thing you have to define your daily, weekly and / or monthly care routines.

For example, there are a number of facial care activities that must be carried out daily, even twice a day.

In the same way, the cleaning of teeth takes place at least twice a day, the same should occur with facial cleaning. Ideally, it would be linking oral hygiene with facial cleaning.

A good trick for this is to put your facial cleaner next to your toothbrush. You can even put it inside the same container where you keep your brush and toothpaste.

In this way, it will be much easier to remember to perform a facial cleaning each morning and every night while brushing your teeth.

Facial cleaning must therefore be a daily process. The other daily ritual should always be your gel or facial moisturizer.

We already know that a well hydrated skin is a skin in which the signs of aging will appear later, and instead when our skin is dry, it is when "quarters" and wrinkles appear.

This process of onset of wrinkles is much slower than it seems, and we could say that the wrinkles that will come to us tomorrow have already begun to leave today in the deeper layers of the skin.

That is why it is basic to always keep the skin well hydrated and nourished, even when you have mixed skin. How to choose a face cream for men? If you have mixed or grease skin, your skin does not need as much hydration as in the case of normal or dry skin.

But beware; The mixed skins are temporarily dehydrated (what is known as "dehydrated mixed skin") and this can cause premature aging of your skin.

If you have mixed or grease skin, instead of using a moisturizing cream, we recommend a gel texture specifically formulated for mixed skins or fats.

If you want to learn more about how to care for fatty skin, we have published 3 specific items about fatty skin care. If, on the contrary, your skin is normal or dry, then we recommend you to use a cream hydrating texture in cream.

If you are sure that kind of skin you have, here you will find a questionnaire that will help you discover your skin type.

As for what are facial creams for men in general, our recommendation is that you use a cream that is practical and that it fulfills all the functions that requires your skin: that hydrate, than the nourishment, which is reaffirming (something very important for the Skin of man, since it is usually more fat than that of women and therefore flaccidity is usually premature in fatty skins) and that protects it.

And of course try and prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Our anti-stress concept is formulated to meet all these requirements, since it is an all-in-one, whether it is on gel texture and cream texture, in such a way that the only thing you have to worry about is to be selected The texture that best suits your skin type or to the time of year.

In conclusion, there are two basic activities when taking care of your skin and preventing the appearance of wrinkles that you should put into practice daily: cleaning and hydration.

If you also get linking them to oral hygiene, that is to say clean and hydrate your face every morning and every night, you have managed to establish a very simple daily facial care routine and that will provide great results.

In future items we will expand other facial and body care routines for men.

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