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Article: How to choose the best skincare products for men

Productos cuidado facial hombre

How to choose the best skincare products for men

As men, we are becoming more aware of the need to take care of our skin.


We see every day more and more friends around us and using both facial moisturizers as well as body lotions. It's the new normal to do that every day, especially after your shower.


On the other hand, well-groomed men are trendy, especially those men with properly cared skin, and daily beauty routines are no longer something exclusive to women.


Nevertheless, men's facial routine can still be much simpler and faster, it is evolving more and more to cover the needs of men skin.


As a man, the first thing you should do is to check your skin type to choose the products that best suit you.


The advantage of most men is that by having combination skin or oily skin, their aging process is slower than that of women.


But sooner or later, our skin ages and so it's important to prevent this aging process with specific skincare products for men.


In any case, oily skin also needs skin care. Despite having fewer wrinkles, sagging tends to appear at an early stage in oily skin.


It is therefore important to pay attention to skin sagging and to follow a routine to prevent early sagging if you have combination or oily skin.


We have dedicated 3 different articles in our blog about how to take care of men's oily skin.


We have also written in another article about the differences between men skin and that of women, and why men should use specific products.


On the market, there are not many skin products for men. At Homo Naturals, we offer a whole range of skincare and grooming products devoted to men's skin. 


Our step number 4, (Anti-Stress Gel or Cream) is the all-in-one antiaging solution for men and it is presented both in GEL texture (for combination and oily skin), and in CREAM texture (for normal and dry skin). 


If you're not sure which texture best suits your skin type, we've dedicated a full article to help you decide if what you need is a face cream or gel.


If you are also not sure if you should start using an anti-aging cream, or if you only need a facial moisturizer, here we explain the difference between both concepts.

Our recommendation is that you always keep your skin looked after with a 4-step facial treatment for men. You just need to follow the routine of every step number. 

Products you need for a good skin care

We understand the increasing need to buy skincare for men, and we offer the broadest range of products for him:

  • Facial care products, with a daily and weekly treatment routine that contains a facial cleanser, a scrub, a revitalizing spray, and a moisturizing / anti-aging cream (actually in both textures, gel o or cream, according to your skin type)
  • Natural shaving products
  • Body care products such as a sulfate-free shower gel + shampoo, a body cream, and a hand cream
  • Natural deodorants. Aluminum-free and alcohol-free
  • Sunscreen
  • Intimate hygiene with a specific intimate wash for men
  • Personal lubricant (water-based)

All our men's skincare products are 100% natural and organic certified. They have been formulated only with the best-quality plant extracts, cold-pressed vegetable oils, and 100% pure essential oils. 


All our skincare products have also been formulated without petroleum-derived ingredients, without parabens, or any other controverted synthetic preservatives.


That's why we say we are the first 100% natural skincare brand for men.


You can purchase your products through our online store or through selected pharmacies and stores.


If you have questions about how to use our products about which products best suit your skin type, do not hesitate to contact us.

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