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Article: Christmas gift ideas for men

Ideas de regalos de Navidad para hombres

Christmas gift ideas for men

What are you going to give him these holidays?

Do you want to be sure that the products you are going to give as a gift will be to their liking?

Whether for your husband, boyfriend, father, brothers, children or friends...

...the solution is starter kit for €9.90 . Includes the complete facial treatment for 10 days + a gift toiletry bag.

The facial treatment includes 8 different products to try .

You will surely love these natural products specific for men's skin.

You can even distribute the different tests in the starter kit among those interested.

This way, when they tell you which products they liked the most, you can give your Christmas gift or Christmas gift with the certainty that you are giving them a quality product adapted to their skin type.


Step 1: Sulfate-free facial cleansing + 2-in-1 gentle shaving cream
10 sachets

Step 2: Apricot Facial Scrub
5 sachets

Step 3: Facial Revitalizing Spray + After Shave 2-in-1
3 mini spray sizes
Step 4: Anti-Stress GEL for combination/oily skin (or ideal summer)
10 sachets

Step 4: Anti-Stress CREAM for normal/dry skin (or ideal winter)
10 sachets

Anti-aging + anti-stain serum
10 sachets

Cold effect eye contour (ideal eye bags)
10 sachets

Facial concealer + eye contour (special formulation with a touch of color, ideal for dark circles)
10 sachets

In total almost 70 samples + Gift bag

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