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Article: 10 aspects that a good body cream for men should have

Crema corporal para hombre

10 aspects that a good body cream for men should have

1. Be formulated without petroleum derivatives

As you can read in this article about the differences between natural and conventional cosmetics , a certified natural body cream is one that is only formulated with plant extracts, vegetable oils and essential oils. It is very important that your body moisturizer does not contain mineral oils, that is, it does not contain oils derived from petroleum. Oils derived from petroleum (paraffins, silicones...) end up drying out your skin even more and causing premature aging.

2. Light texture for men's skin

Men's skin is different from women's, so it's important to choose a body cream that is light and easy to absorb , to avoid leaving a sticky or greasy feeling.

3. Gentle and natural fragrance

Make sure the fragrance of the cream is pleasant to you and not too strong, to avoid the fragrance competing with your cologne. The ideal is a body cream without synthetic perfumes , and is formulated only with essential oils, whose fragrance is much more rounded and complete than that of synthesized perfumes. Essential oils also have great properties for our skin.

4. Made with natural active ingredients

As we have already mentioned in section 1 of this article, the most important thing is that your body cream does not contain petroleum derivatives . You should also check that the rest of the active ingredients used are natural. The ideal is to avoid ethoxylated emulsifiers, as well as all those controversial preservatives such as parabens, phenxyethanol, triclosan, EDTA, formaldehyde releasers, etc. Unless you are an expert on the subject, the ideal is to find a body cream that is certified organic by an external organization.

5. With firming function

A body cream with toning and firming ingredients like our Bare Man will help you prevent sagging skin and show off a more toned body appearance.

6. That it can be used throughout the year

It is important to choose a body cream that is suitable for all types of weather and seasons, so that you can keep your skin soft and healthy all year round. There's nothing worse than living in a hot, humid climate and feeling like you're sweating out your body lotion. Our Bare Man is formulated with a light texture so it absorbs quickly.

7. Make it a sustainable body cream

By choosing a body cream that is environmentally friendly, you are making a positive contribution to your health and that of the planet.

8. Make it ecological / bio

An ecological or bio body cream is one that is only made with natural ingredients and does not contain petroleum derivatives , as well as a whole series of controversial preservatives.

9. Should my body cream be vegan?

If you are vegan or prefer not to use products containing animal ingredients, be sure to choose a vegan-certified body cream, like our Bare Man.

10. Make it effective

Lastly, it is important to choose a body cream that is effective and meets your specific skin care needs. A body cream without petroleum derivatives and with plant extracts that nourish and regenerate your skin will always be more effective. And if it also has a texture formulated for men's skin , then it is the best option.

Body cream for men

In conclusion, a good body cream for men must take into account several important aspects, such as a formula without petroleum derivatives, a light texture and a soft and natural fragrance. It is also important that the cream is made with natural active ingredients, has a firming function, is suitable for all types of climate and seasons, is sustainable and ecological, and is effective for specific skin care needs. By considering these aspects, you can choose a quality body cream that benefits both your skin and the environment.


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