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Natural, organic, vegan and sustainable skincare

Differences between natural skincare and conventional skincare

What makes us different from other brands in the market?

Every skincare product is made of two types of ingredients:

  • Those ingredients that make the base or excipient of the product (80% of the content of the product)
  • The additives that are there to give either a texture, fragrance, color, or as preservatives (the remaining 20%)

Base ingredients

The vast majority of skincare products found on the market are formulated with petroleum-derived oils (such as paraffin, vaselines, silicone oils, etc.).

These types of ingredients cause what is known as a "fake momentary hydration" since they create an occlusive layer on the skin, not leaving it to breathe. As a consequence, the hydration of the lower layers ascends to the upper layer by leaving the skin dehydrated where it is most needed: in the lower layers. 

This dehydration ends up causing early aging of the skin, as keeping our skin always well moistured is one of the most important factors to avoid the appearance of wrinkles.

Natural and organic skincare for men


At Homo Naturals, as a Natural & Organic certified Brand of Grooming Products for Men, we do not use petroleum-derived oils in our formulas. We only use cold-pressed vegetable oils and best-quality plant extracts.

The advantages of using vegetable oils instead of petroleum-derived oils, are the following: 

  • Vegetable oils' fatty acids are more related to our skin, allowing a greater degree of penetration of active ingredients. On the other side, petroleum-derived oils remain on the skin, and they are not as effective in order to carry any nutrients to the lower layers of the skin.
  • Vegetable oils are rich in active ingredients. Vegetable oils contain vitamins, proteins, amino acids, phytosterols, etc. On the other hand, petroleum-derived oils become inert, that is to say, "dead" and without any nutrients as a result of the refining process.

Organic skincare for men 


The main ones are:

Fragrances or perfumes:
In conventional skincare, synthetic fragrances are used because they are the best price choice for the manufacturer. However, at Homo Naturals, we use only 100% pure essential oils, which are very powerful plant extracts with great effects on our skin (purifying, calming, anti-wrinkle, etc.).


In addition, the sensory experience of the aromatherapy of our blends of essential oils, makes our products unique. On the other hand, synthetic fragrances could be described as cheap synthetic copies of essential oils that have lost 80% of their molecules and do not contain any active ingredients for our skin. 

In conventional skincare products, a big amount of synthetic preservatives are being used, and most of them are highly controversial due to their implications for our health (parabens, BHT, BHA, triclosan, phenoxyethenol, ethanolamines ...) are used. At Homo Naturals we use only natural origin preservatives that are allowed by external organic certification bodies.


In conclusion, we can affirm that due to the ingredients and formulation of our products, Homo Naturals,  as a 100% natural skincare brand for men, is much more effective than any other conventional brand.

Bio cosmetics for men

Discover here all our skincare products for men: Facial care + body care


Our skincare and grooming products for men are manufactured only with top-quality plant extracts, cold-pressed vegetable oils, and 100% pure essential oils.

They are also organic certified by ACENE (Spanish Association of Organic and Natural Skincare).

Most of the plant extracts and vegetable oils that we use are of organic source. That means that pesticides have not been used during the cultivation process.


Sustainable Skincare

We care about your skin and we care about the environment. We use mainly glass containers, since it is the most innocuous material and the most respectful on the environment.

We use premium quality certified glass from Germany which is free from heavy minerals such as lead.

We pursue a no overpackaging policy so that our packaging is designed in a way that each component can be separated and placed inside the right container:

  • The cardboard box goes in into the paper container.
  • The glass bottle goes into the glass container.
  • The dispensing pump goes into the plastic container.

Sustainable skincare for men