The founder is a former corporate manager that had high levels of stress that caused him skin severe skin problems such as profound dehydration, blemishes and flaking skin.

Cosmetica masculina crema antiarrugas hombre

He tried using conventional skincare products, from the high end ones, pharmacy ones, to regular supermarket products.

But he realised that his skin wasn’t getting any better and after doing some research he learnt that the majority of these products were made with petroleum derived oils (such as parafines, vaselines, etc) and other chemicals that only provided him with a momentary skin soothing but ended up dehydrating the skin even more.

 Cosmetica masculina y cremas para hombres. Crema antiarrugas hombre.

He decided then to train himself in dermocosmetics, aromatherapy, skincare formulation and organic natural skincare. He started creating formulas for himself and soon after for friends and family and he realized that all natural and organic skincare products in the market were formulated for women's skin, and as men have a different skin and thus, different needs, these products weren't optimal for most men.

It was then, together with a team of chemists and pharmacists, he started developing exclusive formulas for men’s skin.


And that's how HOMO NATURALS was born,


The First 100% Natural & Organic Grooming Brand for Men

Cosmética natural para hombre
Cosmetica masculina y cremas para hombres