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Article: How to choose your sunscreen

Protector solar biodegradable

How to choose your sunscreen

How do I choose my sunscreen?

Little by little everything returns to normal and you start thinking about the time of going to the beach, the pool, or sunbathing on your terrace, garden or in some park.

If you're going to expose your skin back to the sun's rays and it's very important that you use good sun protection to protect you against UVA + UVB rays.

Our Vanilla Sun and Minty Sun have UVA and UVB sun protection, and in the two types of rals, the sun protection factor is just as high.

It should be noted that the sun protection factor of some marks refers only to the type of UVA ray being the protection towards the much smaller UVB ray type.

Unfortunately it is not possible to know if the protection factor used by each brand is just as high against UVB rays as in UVA rays, since legally the brands are not required to declare it.

At Homo Naturals we guarantee that our sunscreens have the same protection factor in the two types of rays, so you are assured that your skin will always be well protected against the free radicals of the UVB rays that are usually very harmful.

In our blog you will also find articles related to male facial care, and specifically about facial cleansing, caring for man's fat skin, or how to choose facial creams that best suit your skin type.

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