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Article: Should a good face cream have sun protection?

Protector solar biodegradable

Should a good face cream have sun protection?

Because the number of skin cancer cases has been increasing due to the excesses committed by many people who have been sunbathing without sun protection for long periods of time, there are more and more dermatologists who recommend using facial creams with Solar protection .

They also recommend using high protection , that is, a protection factor 50 (or also known as SPF 50).

However, although there are more and more face creams with sun protection , most moisturizers or anti-wrinkle creams on the market do not contain sun protection, or have a low or medium protection factor, such as SPF 30. .

Why don't most face creams contain sun protection?

If you want your facial cream, in addition to having a high protection factor (SPF 50), to have a natural sunscreen (without certain very controversial chemical agents), that is, if you want an ecological facial cream with sun protection factor 50, then the supply is greatly reduced.

Men's moisturizer

And again, you may wonder why there are so few face creams with sun protection?

The reason is very simple. Making a certified natural facial cream (not just with some natural ingredient), and ensuring that this facial cream has a sun protection factor of 50 is possible, but the result will always-always-always be an excessively oily cream, not to mention say extremely fat.

And besides, if SPF 50 is truly natural, then that face cream will always-always-always leave a greasy white layer on your skin , which is not very attractive.

It's that easy, natural facial creams with protection factor 50, since they contain only physical filters (not chemical ones), become very creamy creams and absolutely all of them leave an unattractive white layer on your face.

If you have a facial cream with protection factor 50 and it does not leave a white layer, it can only be for two reasons:

1. The type of sunscreen it uses is chemical -based, and therefore it is not a natural mineral filter, which from our point of view is not desirable.

2. If the sunscreen you use is truly natural and the cream does not leave white, then it is a nano filter (that is, with nanoparticles), which from our point of view is not desirable. But we will talk about this topic in another article later.

Many of you have asked us to add a sunscreen to our Anti-Stress Gel or Anti-Stress Cream .

We have been researching for years how to add a natural sunscreen to our facial cream for men without having to give up those phenomenal textures formulated for the needs of men's skin .

If we added a natural sunscreen with a protection factor of 50 to our Anti-Stress Gel/Cream , both to the gel texture for combination/oily skin and to the cream texture for normal/dry skin, we would completely destroy its incredible texture. and we would turn our fabulous Anti-Stress Gel and Anti-Stress Cream into two heavy ointments that would also leave a white layer on your face.

Then you will wonder...

Why don't we use a non-natural protection factor, that is, a chemical protection factor?

Surely you are thinking that you know "natural" or pseudo-natural facial creams that contain a protection factor 50 and that do not leave your face white.

We do not want to use this type of chemical agents, since it goes against our philosophy to use certain chemical ingredients that are very controversial both for our health and for the environment.

At Homo Naturals , as a reference brand of natural cosmetics formulated for men's skin , we are governed by the principle of prudence.

The principle of prudence, in natural cosmetics , governs not using controversial ingredients, which although their use is legally permitted, there are various studies that demonstrate their possible toxicity for our body and the environment.

There is no shortage of examples of ingredients that have been used in conventional cosmetics for many years (for example, parabens), and that finally, after much research and a long legal process, have ended up being banned by the competent authorities.

However, during all these years in which this ingredient was not yet prohibited, it has continued to be used and marketed in conventional cosmetic formulations.

And chemical sunscreens are very controversial, and their use is even beginning to be banned on certain beaches and natural sites that deserve special protection.


What is our recommendation to use at the level of facial protection with SPF 50?

Our solution is that you continue using your facial gel or cream , such as our Anti-Stress Gel / Cream , which have special textures for the needs of men's skin.

And after applying your Anti-Stress Gel/Cream , we recommend using our Bio Sunstick SPF 50 for sun protection .

Biodegradable Sunscreen

The solution is a stick sunscreen

Our Bio Sunstick is a sunscreen in stick format that is very easy to apply. The protection factor is based on physical mineral or physical filters (that is, it does not contain any such controversial chemical agents), and as we mentioned above, it has a protection factor of 50 in UVA/B rays.

The advantage of our stick sunscreen is that apart from being packaged in a biodegradable cardboard container, it has the advantage that it does not leave that unpleasant white layer that we mentioned above about natural sunscreens.

The reason why our Bio Sunstick does not leave a white trace is because it contains color pigments that camouflage that white trace.

  • No white trace
  • No nanoparticles
  • Without chemical filter

This pigment is also ideal for evening out your skin, hiding spots, redness or imperfections.

Stick sunscreen should always be applied after your facial cream . The way to use your sunscreen stick is very simple.

Apply the stick directly to various areas of the face, and then spread it with your fingers to even out the tone. And ready ;-)

In conclusion, our biodegradable stick sunscreen with protection factor 50 is the best solution to protect yourself from the sun's rays in a 100% natural way, without having to wear a white face.

Furthermore, with the confidence that it is a Bio + Vegan certified product. And not only that. Our biodegradable stick sunscreen contains antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients such as shea, rosehip, argan and vitamin E. They are the best ingredients to protect your skin from the free radicals of the sun.

Biodegradable Sunscreen SPF 50


What advantage does using a stick sunscreen have for me?

The advantage of using a stick sunscreen is that you can continue using your facial cream in the morning or at night, without giving up a wonderful light texture that you love so much about a facial cream like our Anti-Stress Gel / Cream formulated for men's skin.

And so, you decide when you want to apply stick sunscreen , and when it is not necessary.

As you can imagine, using a sunscreen face cream before bed doesn't make any sense and isn't very sustainable. The same thing happens if you use it during a rainy day without sun.

On the other hand, if you use a stick sunscreen , only when it is really necessary, you will enjoy all the advantages of a light facial cream for men's skin, and you will only use the facial protector in a more sustainable way when necessary.

Switch now to a biodegradable sunscreen stick . It is the healthiest and most sustainable option to protect your skin from the sun, as well as to avoid waste as much as possible and protect the environment.

Our biodegradable sunscreen stick is made in Spain with 100% natural ingredients of the best quality.

In all Homo Naturals men's skin care products, we use only 100% pure plant extracts, cold-pressed plant oils, and essential oils.

Is Bio Sunstick only for men, or can women also use it?

Although Homo Naturals is a brand specialized in men's skin care, and our Bio Sunstick is formulated with a light texture for the comfort and pleasure of men, our Bio Sunstick can be used by both men and women. women.

Biodegradable Sunscreen

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